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Ascend is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our products across the board and providing you solutions to meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or design.

You can enjoy the same high-quality products you're used to, now with Bioserve, bio-derived, renewably sourced materials. Bioserve materials give you the same performance with a better carbon footprint.

We aim to use sustainably sourced raw materials from agriculture, like soy-bean oil, or forestry waste. We offer bio-based materials with mass-balanced and 14C measurable content.

Reduces reliance on fossil fuels

No change to quality or properties

Enables faster transition to renewable resources

Third-party certified by ISCC Plus

The mass-balance approach

Mass-balance accounting makes our Bioserve products drop-in replacements without the need for re-qualifying the materials and it allows us to use existing processes to scale up production of sustainable materials more quickly. Similar to buying renewable electricity from the grid, mass balance allows us to allocate bio-based raw materials to specific products. The entire process is certified according to ISCC Plus standards.